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Our high quality hydrolyzed marine collagen with reliable condition and reasonable price.Due to the low molecular weight, our Marine (Fish) Collagen does not gel and has a high solubility. The particle is not only infinitesimal but also uniform, and free from a whiff of fish. Abundant hydroxyroline contributes the synthesis of collagen inside the living body. Methionine is contained enough to generate and motabolize the biologically active substance compared with animal collagen such as pigs, cows, etc.,

800 Dalton (Molecule Weight)
Hydrolyzed Pure Marine Collagen

1000 Dalton (Molecule Weight)
Hydrolyzed Pure marine Collagen

3000 Dalton (Molecule Weight)
Hydrolyzed Pure Marine Collagen

Consists of Super Fine Hydrolyzed collagen with less than 1000 dalton. Not only does it help you look younger, it helps your skin to shine and glow to your natural youth skin. It creates a fine lather which pampers your skin, it can be used for your face, or the whole body.