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RM Enterprises launches first "Guam Made" collagen soap
October, 2012 RM Enterprises launches the first "Guam Made" collagen on Guam. The product is being sold exclusively at SUGAR COOKIES at The Plaza, in Tumon, next to Outrigger Guam Resort. The Collagen Soap helps skin from aging as well as providing smooth, shining skin throughout your whole body. It is safe to use everyday.  (See soap information)

RM Enterprises launches the in Guam, worlds most light weight mollecule collagen
RM Enterprise launches for the first time, worlds most light weight collagen to Guam's comsumers. With the Ultra light weight collagen which is known to be 800 Dalton or less. What this means it there are more amounts of collagen weighing less than 500 Dalton which is know to penetrate the pores of the skin. Till now, if you wanted to increase the amount of collagen within you, you would either had to use a needle (Ota) or take supplements hoping it reaches the area that you want to target. Now, you can simply rub gently to the area that is most needs or enquired  user themselves.   

RM Enterprises Inc. launches cosmetic retail and wholesale unit
2012 April RM Enterprises Inc., successfully launches its cosmetic retail and wholesale unit. By doing so, RM Enterprises Inc., is the only company to wholesale raw collagen materials which can penetrate the skin for effective results.

RM Enterprises first to offer super ultra hydrolyzed marine collagen weighing less than 1000 Dalton
The most fine graded collagen to hit the market. Hydrolyzed marine collagen that weights less than 1000 Dalton which has about 30% of the collagen weighing 500 or less. It is understood that the pores of the skin is about 500 Dalton size.